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We talked with HuffPost Australia and their Editor-in-Chief Courtney Fletcher about the Aussie way of working.

Read the second in our ‘How I Work’ series of interviews with HuffPost’s Editor-in-Chief Courtney Fletcher, exploring the busy office bees down under in Huffington Post Australia.Huffington Post is a Pulitzer Prize-winning source for breaking news, features and entertainment, as well as a highly-engaged community for opinion and conversation.

What is the number one advice you could give us when it comes to organizing effective meetings?
The first thing would definitely be getting everyone familiar with the ease of booking meetings with Joan!

What is the coolest meeting room you have at your company?
That would be our Thrive Room, which isn’t really a meeting room but we still use Joan to make bookings or impromptu sessions for when you need a moment to decompress. It’s a small room with a flat recliner, a blanket, an eye mask and earplugs for when someone needs to take 15/20 mins out of their day to recharge. People love it!

The Thrive Room is the go-to destination when you're feeling stressed out at HuffPost Australia.
Recharge and thrive: The Thrive Room at HuffPost Australia. Employees go there to relax and unwind during a hectic day.

Where do you prefer to hold your meetings at your company (and why)?
We prefer our large boardroom because it holds the most people and has the most light. There’s always a lot of people at HuffPost Australia.

How do you go about naming the meeting rooms in your company and why?
It’s a mixed bag; we have the main boardroom named Boardroom for obvious reasons, and we also have a Park Side Room, a Video Studio and the very popular Thrive Room.

Peek into how they work at Huffington Post Australia
Natural light, air conditioning and comfortable chairs – a classic ideal of a meeting room.

If you were to hire an office assistant, what should their personality traits be?
We would need a jack of all trades! Someone proactive and happy to get their hands dirty and help where needed with a smile on their face. That’s the type of person we like to see.

If you were to design and name any meeting/conference room, how would it look like and how would you name it?
Our Boardroom is pretty close to what I would design. It has a view of the Harbour Bridge, plenty of natural light, air conditioning for those hot summer days, a couple of TVs and a large whiteboard. A fridge with some snacks and drinks wouldn’t go astray though!

The Thrive Room at HuffPost Australia will provide some much needed pampering in times of crisis.
A room in which to thrive; blankets, eye masks and earplugs provided.

How has Joan changed your meetings?
Joan has been fantastic for our ever-growing office. The process of using it has become like second nature when creating meetings and ensuring there’s no overlapping or people peering in, checking whether the room is free. It’s definitely saved us some time and boosted productivity as a result.

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Joan Meeting Room Assistant
Huffington Post Australia has equipped 4 of their meeting rooms with Joan Meeting Room Assistant, all managed by Google Apps calendar and running in the cloud. HuffPost Australia is one of Joan’s early adopters.

Header image: Huffington Post Australia Media Kit